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Watch As This Tiny Tot Boogies Down With The Music. It’s So Cute

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 Adorable overload alert. If you were feeling stressed about the holidays and having to deal with a hundred visiting family members, just watch this video five times in a row. Savannah the dancing toddler will cheer you up no matter what your worries are.
 Armed with nothing but her diaper, Savannah bounces along to Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ with surprisingly good timing. She’s got the booty shake down already, and even stares right into the camera at one point as if to say ‘Yeah. I know it.’ As her sister spins and falls over, Savannah doesn’t have any trouble with one of the verses as she even looks like she’s hitting the snaps on beat.
 In the description below the video, it says that Savannah will dance to anything; Country, Rock, Hip Hop and especially the music at Walmart. You can just imagine this little one rocking along to Holiday tunes while she rolls through the diaper aisle.
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