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Mom Was At Work, So Look What Her Son Built Under The Deck

My son and I created a backyard oasis a few years ago. It brings us so much enjoyment all summer long! This is what it looked like before I went to work one day and he surprised me by just starting on what we had envisioned. We live in Northwestern …

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She Rescues Rusty Chairs From The Side Of The Road To Do THIS

When we saw this set on the curb, we couldn’t rescue it fast enough. We were helping some friends move into their new home and their next door neighbor had this set in a pile ready for the landfill! We couldn’t see that happen. Too much potential in the set …

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This Lady Bought An Old Bunker…And Converted It Into Something Truly Incredible

At Bright Side, there’s nothing we value more than creativity. That’s why we absolutely love stories like this, and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Take a look. Some time in 1942, this bunker was built in Britain to serve as a bomb-proof shelter for civilians. Having completed its mission, the bunker started to deteriorate, and over the years it has …

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How to Build Your Own Smoke Pit

Smoked meat is delicious, but preparing it is not that easy. You need lots of preparations before a BBQ and even more if you don’t have your own grill. But the Internet is such a wonderful place, full of hidden treasure and it will teach you how to make your …

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How to DIY Broken Pots Miniature Fairy Garden

You may love all fairy DIY ideas as we do. Here are a list of really fun ideas on what you can do to bring new life to those old broken pots. If you have old broken pots in your home, do not throw them now.Turn them into miniature gardens. …

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25 Simple Recycled DIY Planters

Let’s get to work and start recycling for better and cleaner environment. The most important thing for us and our health is to live in clean homes, surrounded with green plants. That is why we should be conscious for our actions. We can start with some small things like recycling …

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