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If You Have A Letter ‘M’ On The Palm Of Your Hand, This Is What It Means

Palmistry is an ancient art whose roots have been traced back several thousand years to India, where it was born from Hindu astrology and first mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching. It quickly spread all over Asia and Europe, whereupon Aristotle took up an interest in it and passed the knowledge on to Alexander the Great.

The Macedonian king often used it to judge the character of his military officers and would closely read the lines of their palms. It must have helped him out because in fifteen years of nonstop conquest he never lost a single battle.
The practice has since endured throughout the ages. Today, most people view it as pseudo-science and are quick to dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of why people are so skeptical is that they don’t truly understand it. They only know what they see in the media, and it has been wrongly portrayed in the many books, films, and TV shows that have touched upon it over the years. If you’re further interested in the subject, this video does an excellent job introducing and describing what the main lines and patterns on your palm signify.

Video From : All About Your Health

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