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7# Uneven butt

If you have a larger left buttock than the right one, it’s highly recommended that you immediately get married. Staying single is simply unhealthy for you. On the other hand, if your right buttock is larger than the left one, you will go through a lot of difficulties in life, including problems at work for man and child birth problems for women.

8# Hairy butt

The hairy butt people are very pleasant and kind. But, this butt type parents often have mentally unbalanced, quick-tempered children. If you red-haired on your head and black-haired on the buttocks, you are talented and highly passionate.

9# Birthmarks on the butt

People who have a birthmark on their butt are very courageous and passionate. If the birthmark is in the center of the buttocks, then you are most likely serious and reserved. If the birthmark is positioned low, you may experience problems with potency and procreation. But, if you have one birthmark or two between the “cheeks”, you’ll probably be sexually active for many years.

Via waysofhealthylife365.com

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