There is something magical about going and picking out your wedding dress. On that day, you feel like the most important person in the world. As you emerge from the dressing room in the first gown you tried on, all eyes are on you and everyone anxiously awaits your reaction when you turn around and see yourself in the mirror. Sometimes it can be hit or miss. The first dress I tried on when I was wedding dress shopping, I was begging the sales lady to get it off me. It was hideous! Looked great on the hanger, but terrible on me. About six dresses in, I found the dress. If I could relive that day over again, I would. For one Imgur user, she wanted to be able to say that she made her own dress — well, that and also the dress she initially wanted was over $3,000!Take a look and see how she did it! I think it turned out lovely! Let me know what you think.Continue Reading on Next Page..