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Unfortunately there are millions of homeless people in the world today, fighting every day for survival, for a hot plate and a place to spend their long night. This is the story of one such man, Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho, who at his 77 years, was sleeping every night on the street, struggling to survive the day. Despite the unfortunate conditions in which he lived, he still followed his dreams and passions and for 35 years he was writing poetry and short stories. It was a way for him to escape his reality and travel to some other place and time, where he didn’t have to worry about whether he’ll make it through the night.


One day, everything changed for Ramundo and all thanks to his poems. Despite writing for so many years his work remained completely unknown to the world, until one day in 2011 he met a woman named Shalla. He gave her one of his poems and it changed his life forever.

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