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20 Inspiring And Creative Gardening Ideas


Have you ever thought about recycling objects you use every day and put them to good use in your garden? You would be amazed to know how many objects can have more than just one use and recycling is always a good idea as you can find a new purpose for old things. For instance, you can use old broomsticks to design a new garden fence. In a similar way, bicycle wheels can be repurposed into the pieces of a fence. You could even use old handbags together with some steel rods to design the most interesting fence in the whole neighborhood. Try to paint them in different colors to create a cool and funky effect. Take old palettes to make a wall around your garden and paint it in different colors for the same purpose. For more amazing ideas, take a look at the pictures below. Feel free to implement any you think best suit your personality and overall garden design.





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