Eating healthy can be such a pain when you feel like all it leads to is a crisper full of moldy green beans and chicken you forgot to thaw for dinner still in the freezer. Thank goodness for microwaves and Sundays off work! Doing all of the prep work at once saves you loads of time during the week and simplifies decision making – a huge boost to your willpower! Having everything grab and go will make those moments where you deliberate on whether or not you’re going to cheat much much shorter so that you’ll make the right decision.

Carolyn Kylstra has collected 18 recipes and food prep ideas for BuzzFeed Life that are going to make you drool just from looking at the pictures. In fact, number 1 is even kind of adorable. These breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks all look so good that you’ll have a hard time not eating more than your share in just one day. Click the link below to see the recipes and to get ideas on how to simplify healthy eating in your household.

Read full article here: 18 Make-Ahead Meals And Snacks To Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

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