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Many have heard of the benefits the body gets from intimate relationships, but did you know that you can cure some ailments by making love often?

For this reason today you will know which are the 10 sufferings that you can cure with this action. In addition, the practice of intimacy is transformed into benefits from mental health, incontinence, blood circulation, among others. So pay close attention and find out what these diseases are, surely more than one of them could not imagine.

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By keeping intimacy often, it will help you in the good functioning of the heart. According to the experts indicate that it reduces the danger of heart attacks and other heart problems.


To calm the headache, this practice is very effective, as they release oxytocin and increase endorphins. Even these hormones help the body and mind to relax naturally.


Improves self-esteem as it is a truly effective antidepressant.


When you are in a state of relaxation to the maximum, tensions are released and sleep is favored.

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