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Woman’s Breasts Turn Black, Nipples Die After She Makes 1 Crucial Mistake

Twenty-four-year-old Kirsty Adam was horrified when parts of her breasts began to turn black and pieces of her flesh started dying. She was “shocked,” as any woman would be, to see their intimate parts rotting away, but it was all because she made one critical mistake.After losing quite a bit of weight, Kirsty wasn’t happy with the way the skin on her breasts appeared to be sagging, so she opted for a breast lift and augmentation to take her bust from a 36D cup size to a voluptuous DD.

“I initially did some research to see what I could do,” explained the Glasgow native. “I knew my breasts would have to be cosmetically fixed and that surgery was the only option – so I decided to get a mastopexy. You hear more horror stories from people that go abroad than you do in the UK. And I thought I’d be safe here,” she continued.

“You never think something bad is going to happen to you, but obviously it did. I’ve been left with lasting damage and it’s even worse than before,” she added, according to The Sun. “It sounds harsh but it looks like somebody’s hacked away at me with a blunt, rusty knife.”

While the young woman may have heard glowing reviews about the socialized medicine in her home country, she was in for a rude awakening after undergoing the cosmetic procedure to augment her breasts.
“After the surgery, I went to get my dressings changed. The nurse said that I had necrosis – rotting flesh,” recalled Kirsty. “I knew this was possible from my research because the nipples are getting taken off and put back on and sometimes part of it can not heal right,” she added.
“Every time I went back they took bits off. I thought it was to help the skin regenerate and grow again,” said the 24-year-old. “I looked down at it and it was black. I knew it shouldn’t look that color, but I trusted the nurse.”
When Kirsty finally got another appointment to see the surgeon who had performed her augmentation, Dr. Vana Vasilescu, she assured her that everything was fine. “She just took the plasters off and pulled a face. She said it was ‘fine’ and put new plasters on it,” said Kirsty.Necrosis is the body’s cells dying prematurely due to a lack of blood supply.
This tissue death can occur anywhere on the body and is usually caused by an external factor such as injury, infection, or chemicals.
If a substantial area of tissue dies completely the condition is know as gangrene.
This can quickly trigger blood poisoning and so is thought to be a medical emergency.
Treatment involves the removal of the dead tissue, keeping the area clean and antibiotics. Kirsty asked to see another surgeon, who treated her wounds and placed her on a round of antibiotics after an examination. “I went to see another surgeon. Straight away when he took the plasters off, he said I need antibiotics because there was an infection,” she explained. “He wrote me a prescription, cleaned it and put plasters on it again. I started the antibiotics and was on them for a week to clear the infection up.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Vasilescu appears to have fled the UK. Following an investigation, she was erased from the General Medical Council register, but she is still operating abroad.
Kirsty said she was “shocked” that something like this happened in the UK, but this is precisely the risk you run with socialized medicine. Just like everything else the government gets its hands on, the healthcare system devolves into a crock of shit as soon as the government touches it.

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