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7 Genius Uses For Dish Soap That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

1. Mix a 2-ingredient all-purpose cleaner. BuzzFeed / Nifty Combine 3 cups of water and a ½ teaspoon of soap in a spray bottle and apply to basically everything with a clean cloth. It’s just like you’re washing a dish in your sink, so it’s super effective, but you will …

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Have Scratches On Your Car? Here’s How To Easily Fix Them Using WD-40

Maintaining and cleaning a car is not always the easiest thing to do. While some of us may go to the local car wash, others would rather save the money and maintain the car themselves. However, if there’s one thing that car washes can not fix, it’s scratches. I honestly …

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How To Fold Clothes (Best Method)

Here I show a continuation of my closet project. I show step by step how to fold t-shirts, pants, hoodies into beautiful little rolled packages. Check this video, the simplest method to fold and pack clothes ! Video On Next Page…

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How To Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger [BEST METHOD]

There are many reasons that a ring finger can become so swollen, that any attempt to remove a ring will be fraught with disappointment. In case of an accident, whereby the finger is swollen, it must be removed to reinstate a normal flow of blood to the affected finger. Another way …

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You Can Light Your Room For A Whole Month With Potato (Video)

[ads] Recent studies have discovered something incredible. Potato, when cooked for 8 minutes, can create battery with 10 times more power than raw. The professor of science and agriculture, Dr. Hain Rabinovitch and his research team have discovered that using unit from potato slices, placed between a copper cathode and …

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Ladies Get Attention: How Best To Shave Your Intimate Area!

[ads] Removing pubic hair is very common, especially among younger generations. Hair Removal is usually done in salons, but many teens decide to shave your pubic area instead of going to the salon because it is cheaper, more comfortable and overall easier to do. And most importantly, you can do …

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